I'm Sonya. I'm 22 in human years. 122 in spirit. My passion is dance. I also sew,craft,read, and many other things. I have a lot of thoughts and opinions. I think way too much. I find beauty in almost everything. Sometimes I use my blog as a diary to get my thoughts and feelings out, also as a kind of scrapbook. Sometimes I use it for inspiration on fashion. My love Bradley and I just welcomed our new baby Sparrow into the world and she has stolen our hearts in an indescribable way.




Still quite a bit left to do, but it’s really coming together! I like the colors in this dress so much more then my red and white version. I think it looks a lot less juvenile and way more magical. 

It’s made from organza and chiffon with a tulle overlay and $60 of fake flowers.

I have information about how I’m making it here! And a video about it here

my wedding dress if going to be a longer version of this

with a trail

and i’ll wear flowers in my hair

This is so gorgeous wow

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Good Morning! Breastfeeding support TODAY at 10am $30 Our IBCLC is in the house with her scale for weight checks. #janebirkin #breastfeeding #ibclc #newborn #toddler #nursing #lactationsupport #carriagehousebirth #williamsburg #greenpoint #doulas


Good Morning! Breastfeeding support TODAY at 10am $30 Our IBCLC is in the house with her scale for weight checks. #janebirkin #breastfeeding #ibclc #newborn #toddler #nursing #lactationsupport #carriagehousebirth #williamsburg #greenpoint #doulas

awe back in december

awe back in december

Sparrow’s been coughing non stop today with no other symptoms so we’ve been using peppermint and eucalyptus along with lavender. Lots of cuddles and sleep will hopefully help also. It’s so pitiful when she can’t even stay asleep for a few minutes without coughing and waking herself up.


We have taken pregnancy, birth, and baby care so far away from how it was made to be. Now, doctors and hospitals have so much control and interference with everything, women are made to feel as though we are not as capable and strong to be able to bring new life into the world without interventions/assistance. Induction of labor, breaking waters, shooting pitocin in the body, pain medication, epidurals, c-sections, monitors, etc. All of these things are “norms” today in hospitals and they should at the most be rare methods. I understand that without emergency c-sections and monitors, some babies/mothers could die. And that is the time when we should put these methods into action. The thing is that most of the time when c-sections are necessary it is because something else has been previously done to mess with the natural birth process and screw it all up. In America, almost 1 in 3 births is a cesarean section. More women need to be encouraged to let their bodies naturally go into labor and let the whole process happen on its own, without being rushed or stressed. OF course hospitals want you in and out as fast as possible. So they give pitocin and induce labors. And I swear if more women had drug free births and actually experienced how powerful birth is the way it was meant to be, more people would realize how amazing the whole process of pregnancy, birth, and baby/mother bonding is. When it’s “a breeze” to get your epidural and be told to push (since you can’t feel your own body) and out comes a baby like it’s nothing with no pain or awareness of your own strength, the significance of birth is lessened. I feel like part of the reason why I have such a strong bond with Sparrow is because of how much I worked/ endured to get her here. That’s what a mother is. A MOTHER carries a baby for nine months, A MOTHER suffers pain to bring that baby into the world with her OWN body and STRENGTH. a MOTHER then feeds and supports that life even after the baby is born with her OWN BODY. a MOTHER loses sleep and doesn’t even care when she has to nurse every few hours at night. a MOTHER sacrifices anything for her baby. Today’s generation of moms are becoming less and less of mothers in my opinion. We take the easy way out of everything that involves pain or inconvenience. We don’t want to sacrifice ourselves or our time for our baby. We want to use formula so anyone can help feed baby instead of just mom, introduce solids early or put rice cereal in bottles to make baby sleep longer, harm the environment drastically to use disposable diapers so we don’t have to wash cloth, circumcise boys because it’s “easier” to take care of, load our children up on drugs and medicine because we don’t want to find other natural ways to heal, make our newborns sleep in cribs so we can have our intimacy back. When you have a baby, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to sacrifice for that baby. Your “convenience” doesn’t matter, really. It’s your job to research, to read, to deviate from the “norms” to make sure your baby is given the best you are able to provide. They are expecting that from you, you are their MOM.